The Llano Grande Center is a local non-profit that works to revitalize our community through our youth. Our goals include creating access to higher education, engaging students in community change initiatives and developing leadership that respects local history and culture. We are engaged in galvanizing young and old students and residents in developing new alliances to revitalize our communities and expand our educational horizons. We build on what is solid in our tradition while rejecting the notion that our origins should limit our expectations.

Founded by a visionary group of Edcouch-Elsa graduates and continued through a second generation of Edcouch-Elsa alumni, Llano Grande now works with a third generation of civically-minded student leaders who are making significant contributions to their school and community.

We invite you to read about our work, view some of our students’ videos, collaborate with us, and discuss the possibilities for applying some of our experience in your own community.