LG Featured On Blog Radio

LG Featured On Blog Radio

The Llano Grande Center was recently featured on the radio show “CLE On Air” to discuss how we’ve been supporting collective leadership through online social media.

Specifically, the show focused on the website Viva Delta (found at vivadelta.org ) which was recently launched by the Center as an online space where local people could come together to organize around different community projects.

On the radio show, host Cheryl Fields talked with Llano Grande Program Director Juan Ozuna and former Llano Grande Board Member Jose Saldivar about how the site was developed and what success it has seen as a tool for collective leadership.

Since it went live a little more than a month ago, almost 50 people have signed up to become members of Viva Delta, and several groups have been formed around issues including the development of a youth center, local park renovation, and the rehabilitation of the school district’s Fine Arts Center.

The site is free and open to the public, especially people who have a connection to the Delta Area and are looking to contribute to local projects. The radio show, found at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cleonair/2011/05/10/supporting-collecive-leadership-with-social-media , can be heard here:

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