LG Launches Viva Delta Website

LG Launches Viva Delta Website

The Llano Grande Center has launched a new online initiative where people from the Delta Area can sign up to become involved in community change initiatives.

Viva Delta, found at www.vivadelta.org , is a free public website where people who have ties to Edcouch, Elsa, La Villa and Monte Alto, and are interested in projects happening here, are invited to sign up and become involved.

The site is free and open to anyone who wants more information about some of the amazing work happening in the Delta Area, or wants to contribute to the work in some way. Funded by State Farm (www.statefarm.com ), the development of Viva Delta was borne out of the Community Platicas being hosted by the Llano Grande Center, where participants asked for a way to be able to find information about what community service projects were happening here.

Interested participants are asked to create a profile on the website, which gives them access to the groups, events and discussions being created online. Members also have the power to create groups, events and discussions based on their own local interests.

Llano Grande staff members are excited about the site, seeing it as a way for people to really organize themselves around projects they care about. For instance, one of the groups on the site – focused on creating a youth center – has already self-organized several meetings, formed a partnership with the city of Edcouch, found several volunteers and secured a space for this summer where they will be able to serve more than 100 local youth.

Other groups are focused on local issues including community beautification, parent-teacher organizations, college mentoring, and arts and culture.

Please visit the site at www.vivadelta.org  and sign up today to contribute!

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