After School Programs

After-School Programs

Llano Grande’s after-school program emerged as a way to continue the work that didn’t fit within the traditional block of class time, as well as allow ourselves the opportunity to invite in students who may not have time during the school day to participate in our class.

Though our learning during the after-school program continues to revolve around themes of oppression, social justice and community activism, we have been deliberate about keeping the space as flexible as possible as a way to encourage students to explore their own ideas and learn independently.

Each day of the after-school program is focused on different methods of learning:

Monday is a Movie Night, where we watch feature films or documentaries that are grounded in themes relevant to Llano Grande’s work. Students are encouraged to have discussions after the movie, or to share personal stories about what thoughts or emotions the movie invokes.

Tuesday is College Night, where we offer workshops, informational sessions or meetings with college recruiters as a way to help guide the college matriculation process for our students. During College Night, staff are also available to help answer any questions or sit one-on-one with students to offer guidance on the college application process.

Wednesday is Make Your Own Movie Night. During this program, students are given the freedom to take their own stories, use Llano Grande’s camera equipment and make their own films to be shared with their classmates. Staff help guide students through the process and offer suggestions for creating stories that are meaningful to them.

Thursday is Open Topic Night, where the afternoon is completely open to whatever topic students want to explore. Staff are on hand to offer minimal guidance, offering only suggestions about how the time is spent, whether it be in discussion, learning something hands-on, or bringing someone to be interviewed.